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20+ years of


Partnering with another company can give you access to a wide range of expertise in many sectors of business.

Jasper Consult has developed an impressive team with company partnerships and alliances whose combined complementary skills, knowledge, and experience enhance our company's excellence.


TAHPI is an award-winning international firm of specialist health planners, healthcare architects, and clinical interior designers. TAHPI is trusted by governments, health authorities and private sector clients

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 A private investment company and an advisor to organizations that can see international opportunities. Supporting market entry strategies by applying decades of knowledge and experience of both developed and developing markets.


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A premier advisory and consultancy firm providing companies with solutions, strategies, and human capital development to effectively navigate the unique nuances of conducting business in Africa.


Working with families to help them to develop and implement the strategies that they need in order to safeguard the family members and best protect their assets both now and in the future.

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A global business intelligence service, helping clients in decision making and risk management. Providing expert knowledge in cyber, personal, and business protection


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Providing specific Middle East advisory services on behalf of international companies. Sectors include natural resources and energy, oil and gas, industry and manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure and transportation, retail, and distribution.

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