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With the 20-years experience of working with clients across multiple countries and sectors, and through several economic cycles and global and regional crises, Jasper has proven a reliable and responsive partner. We are here to help clients to identify and achieve their ambitions, we are conscious of our positive and professional role in fostering positive action toward the environment and the communities that we and our clients are involved in.

We have selected our sectors of focus to be those where we can make the most positive impact, our efforts are now primarily focused on the healthcare and natural resources sectors. We have established a series of exciting strategic partnerships to allow us to bring real domain expertise to our clients in these sectors. Everything Jasper does is supported by a powerful Built Environment practice which, given that physical infrastructure underpins our focus areas, is core to the value we can add.

Similarly, we recognize that regardless of the sector of focus, all companies and families need to build corporate and family governance structures, strategies, and industrial-strength business planning to be able to survive and thrive in the modern and ever more complex environment we all now operate in. Jasper has operated globally from its original base in the United Kingdom and now from its main GCC office in Dubai. Jasper is currently active in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and Turkey, where Jasper has a long history, and most recently we are developing major initiatives in South East Asia and Australia.


Jasper Consult is a highly reputable and experienced strategic advisory and consultancy firm with offices in Dubai and London.  Established in 2001, the firm provides specialist and focused advisory services either through its own in-house resources or, where necessary, drawing on the proven expertise from its network of experienced consultants.  Jasper Consult offers a broad range of consultancy support with domain expertise centered around corporate services, strategic planning, capital raisings, partnership selection, market-entry strategy, corporate restructurings, built environment, and family and corporate governance.

As an independent advisory firm, Jasper Consult provides impartial advice that ensures the best possible outcome for its clients.  Our vastly experienced company offers innovative and informed solutions to its clients across the entire life-cycle of their projects and undertakings, producing the best results. Providing service excellence with integrity, honesty, fairness, clear, concise, communication. We present the best technology to international standards, local cultures, and customs. We meet our client's objectives through our vast and in-depth sector knowledge and extensive international networks, from inception to implementation.



  • Delivering customer-centric focus in all areas of our services.

  • Listening to client's requests, and professional implementation of services.                                      

  • Providing service excellence with integrity, honesty, fairness, boldness with clear and concise communication.

  • Presenting the best technical knowledge, adhering to international standards, local cultures, and customs.

  • Meeting the client's objectives through in-depth sector knowledge and extensive networks.

  • Delivering individually tailored and specialized services for company projects, from inception to implementation.

  • Enhancing the environment and community within which we work. 

  • Promoting health and well-being.

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