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Is our principal capital asset

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Jasper Consult offers health care operators a full service of integrated healthcare, built environment, a financial corporation of consultancy and management services, with design, engineering strategies, construction implementation, and full project and operational functions.



Jasper Consult has established a strategic partnership with award-winning international company TAHPI – Total Alliance Health Partners International. It is one of the world's largest and most experienced firms, specializing in the sectors of health planners and health care architects, offering in-house service planning, briefing, and design. TAHPI has extensive experience in modular design and prefabrication. With over 250-staff, including health care architects, interior designers, doctors, nurses, and service planners, TAHPI is responsible for completing over 300-projects with over 40-healthcare projects currently under development globally. Developments include five medical cities with 3,500 beds set in over two million square meters of land. TAHPI is an award-winning international firm of specialist health planners, healthcare architects, and clinical interior designers. TAHPI is highly trusted and respected by world governments, health authorities, and private sector clients.

Transparency  and Patience

  • Program management and construction management

  • Project and/or entity decommissioning and closure

  • Project and/or business administration

  • Risk identification and management

  • International project development

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Planning and project

  • Diagnostics and project controls

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